Steve Eikenberry

Safety continues to show a presence in the shop and has been well received. After some four plus months in operation its clear safety personnel make a difference in shop operations and safety.

We need members at both shops who understand how to safely use our machines and are willing to give a little time to helping our shop run smoothly.

It takes a village to run our shop...and I don’t mean The Villages...I mean we all have a responsibility to help the shop run smoothly. Each one of us has some skill or knowledge that we can share with our club to create a better environment for enjoying our hobby.

Safety tip for the month:
No rough sawn lumber should be cut on the table saw. You must have one milled flat side on the table bed and one milled straight edge against the rip fence or miter gauge to safely cut rough sawn lumber on a table saw.

To cut rough sawn lumber down to size, use the radial arm saw to shorten it’s length, and use a band saw to narrow its width. Then proceed to mill it on the jointer, planer, and finally the table saw. If you are unsure how to proceed, please ASK FOR HELP! Your safety is the most important part of each shop procedure.

If you have a safety issue, or if you wish to help on the safety team, contact Steve Eikenberry by phone: 260.437.9560 email:, or John Herega by phone: 732.546.6946 email: