Monthly Safety Report

Steve Eikenberry

The VWC Safety Department wishes to remind members of the following personal safety measures we all need to practice:

1. With cooler weather, long sleeves are more popular. Long sleeves are discouraged because they can become entangled in machinery, causing severe injuries. If you choose to wear long sleeves, they must be tight fitting and be above the wrist...never below the wrist.

2. Jewelry is discouraged, and if worn must not be loose or dangle.

3. Long hair can also become entangled in machinery...long hair must be contained in a tight pony tail or worn above the shoulders.

4. Face shields are available throughout both shops...not just at the lathes. If you are performing a task that has the possibility of debris hitting your face or you feel uncomfortable with your face exposed, seek out a face shield. Also, a reminder face shields are mandatory for lathe turning using any type of gouge...this goes for pens also. Sanding at low speeds and drilling at low speeds may be done without a face shield if desired.

We are always looking for interested members who wish to help keep out shops safe. You do not need a background in safety...we will train you. Safety members work 4-hour shifts, and can attain exemption from monitor duty if enough shifts are worked. Interested? Contact Steve Eikenberry at 260.437.9560 (voice or text) or John Herega 732.546.6946 (voice or text).

We meet monthly on the second Monday of each month at 1 PM in the Brownwood classroom. Please join us!


Committee Members:
Steve Eikenberry
Brad Primeau
John Herega
Debbie Larouere
Mark Corner