Administration and Maintenance



                           Brad Primeau                            Dave Adamovich

With our seasonal members slowly leaving it’s been relatively quiet. The Yellow badgers have been busy supporting both shops like the Blue badgers have been doing all along. Our master scheduler Glenn Croteau somehow keeps everyone scheduled without going crazy. A BIG THANKS goes to Glenn.

The response to the Club’s request for someone to help clean Rolling Acres dust collection filters was great. Brian Leininger the team lead, has contacted those who responded and now has a list of volunteers to draw from for help. Thanks to all who volunteered. It’s the volunteers that keep the club going whether it’s cleaning filters, working at the front desk, lumber room, making and painting toys, producing urns and pens for troops, educating and instructing new and old members, fixings things brought in by Villagers and the surrounding community, starting, installing or fixing the almost million dollars worth of equipment all the volunteer work adds up to the same thing, the VWC is the best deal in the Villages.