General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00PM at the Laurel Manor Recreations Center.  Each meeting starts off with a Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag, followed by status reports from the department heads.  After a short break, members present projects during a Show and Tell session, followed by a 50-50 drawing.  Meetings generally end at around 9:00PM.

Minutes of Most Recent Meeting


General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

October 10, 2017

Laurel Manor Recreation Center

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm. Mike explained the photo on the overhead screen, was the natural edge cherry table the club donated to the “House in the Woods” in Maine. The House in the Woods is a nonprofit organization offering outdoor programs to active military, veterans, and their families members to help deal with the stresses of serving in the military.

The September meeting was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.

Pledge of allegiance led by President Mike Borfitz with a moment of silence and an offering up of prayers and thoughts for those in our club membership and their families.  

President’s Report

What to Expect Tonight –  Member, Skip Banks, will give a presentation on table saw jigs. Member, Elliot Schantz, will present a program to make pens for our military. Guests, Kent Strobel, and Lou Ronca members of Historic, Antique, Classic Boats – Sunnyland Chapter will present a volunteer opportunity with their Sunnyland’s Scampy Program for Youth.

Introduction of new members and guests - New members and visitors, were welcomed and asked to introduce and tell a little bit about themselves. 

Membership and Visitor Tally –Club records show that as of yesterday, we have 941 dues paying members and 966 records in the database, that include the non-member toy painters and front desk volunteers.  Since our last membership meeting we have entertained 98 guests, bringing the grand total for 2017 to 936 guests who have visited the wood shop. 

2017 Christmas Party – Reminder, the 2017 Christmas party is scheduled for Saturday, December 9. We will have a catered sit-down dinner. The cost of everything is $25 per person. The club is picking up the tab for $10 per person, leaving the final ticket price for members of $15 per person. In addition, we will have a raffle and entertainment.  Alice Besler, announced she will start taking in raffle items on October 16th and stop taking them on October 31st. Right now, she has 16 items. 

The next Colonial Days is scheduled for January 19th in Brownwood and we need someone willing to chair this event. Please see Mike if interested. We have Hoe Down-Days two days after Colonial Days, so a chair for this event is needed ASAP.  Alice Besler announced Rohan Recreational Center will be hosting a Quilting Expo on the same date as Colonial Days and said to be having 150 vendors participating.

Concerns Update – In follow-up to members and non-member entering the side doors and not checking in at the front desk. The IT committee is working how to identify the best option for securing entry through the side doors. We believe that it is likely to be a proximity card uniquely assigned to members, but a final decision has not yet been made.

Mike explained that a recent concern has been brought to her attention of an incidence of confrontational action and language within the shop. She advised members should have received the most recent note about this in the last newsletter. To reiterate, we are a Villages Club and that kind of action is not tolerated in the Villages recreational center type activity. Even if we were not governed by Villages rules, our own by-laws state that one of our objectives is “to associate congenial persons of good character having a common appreciation of carving, turning and general woodworking activity”.  No one in the club should be belittled, bullied, or made to feel anxious about being a member.  This goes very EVERYONE in the club. And those of us who have titles or leadership roles need to especially demonstrate good behavior.

Club Space –There has been no further information received on assistance to enlarge our current shop area. Our last meeting with Janet Tutt was cancelled due to hurricane Irma and rescheduled to October 24th.  Information to follow. 

Head of Department Reports  

Toys – Conway Williams/Ron Gammon: As of the end of September 5402 toys have been produced and 3840 toys have been shipped to clients through-out the year, we work with year-round. The toy department is on target to produce another 7,000, plus toys this year. Toys will be sold at Sumter Landing market night this coming Thursday evening. 

IT/PR – Mike Borfitz:  They still need someone with hardware experience to work on IT committee.  Please see Bill Pappas or herself, if interested.

Carvers & VWC Chairman of the Board–Bill McGinnis:  Bob Beherns updated the lightening system in the carver’s room. Carvers meet in the mornings on Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thursday. Ray Roberts is beginning to interview prospects for the Board. If you want to apply talk to Ray Roberts. The official nomination will be done at the Christmas Party and the election will be done at the January meeting.  We need at least 75 people to vote.  Bill encouraged all to attend the January meeting to vote. 

Chairman of the Nomination Committee -  Ray Roberts: Hans recently put out an email two days ago, for everyone to see. He reiterated that the Board of Directors is made up on 9 members and every year three people vacate their three-year position and three positions are filled. Ray explained roles of the Board, Officers, and Managers and that the club runs like a are filled.  He explained the Board, Officers, and Managers, all put in a lot of hours to make sure the club and shop run smoothly and that our club functions like a small business, as a result.  The role of a board member is very important to the club. Ray explained the requirements via the bylaws for serving as board member.  The President, Vice President and Treasurer have agreed to serve again in 2018. However, anyone willing to challenge one of these positions can be nominated for the position. The secretary and assistant secretary position will be vacant and both are very important to the club. Anyone interested in any of the positions needs to get a one-page biography to him, describing your relative experience and why you want to be on the board or serve as an officer. Candidates will be interviewed in October and November. The slate of qualified candidates will be put forth in December and then voted on in January.  The candidate’s biography will also be available on the club’s website for viewing.

Lumber - Stephan Yovan/Kevin Vanscoy: They have $10,000, in inventory. Some thick domestic wood, and exotic woods. Lumber is only 5% more than what the clubs pay for wholesale. The 5% is for shipping costs.

Certification, Monitor Training & Mentoring – Dick Bessler: Presently there are 16 new members awaiting certification, 4 are carry over prior to October 1st.  Monitor training is scheduled for Oct.18th.  You should know, if you need monitor training. Training is required every 2 years., basically to go over the new equipment within the past two years.  Members just need to show up before the doors are locked at 4pm and sit through a 1hr & 15-minute video.  Dick said he has received several complaints from members about monitors and reiterated; monitors should be watching what is going on in the shop and not walking around with a drink in their hands, because two extra hands may be needed. The sander is up and running now.  The “Need Help Button” and Mentoring program are there to help members to operate the equipment and with their projects.        

Office Administration & Front Desk – Anne Bell: Club will begin accepting dues on October 16th.  If you were born before 1/1/1938 and you have been a member for five years, then you can ask the front desk for Age Exemption. Members who put in more than 12 hours volunteering are given exemptions by the managers of each department, which are then approved by the Board of Directors. If you are not listed as exempt, contact your department manager. When you sign up for monitor duty, you are given a monitor informational sheet, you should keep.  Anne requested exempt members to wait to pay their dues, since they do not have sign up for monitor duty and anyone needing to work the tool crib, you must sign up early to get a spot.  She also asked members to avoid coming up to the front desk between 11:45 and 12:15, this is when there is a change in shift at the desk and administrative tasks need to be completed without interruption.

Education – Bob Matthews & Debbie Larouere:  Not in attendance, but provided the following update via email; Fall classes are in full swing. There are still some openings in some of the classes. These are not expected to last. The full class list with the current openings is on the website. Sign up ASAP is suggested. Requests for classes and teachers for the winter/spring term will be going out via email in the next few weeks to all those who have taught a class before. On behalf of all those of us still learning, we thank you and hope you will consider another go around next term.   If you have never taught a class before and might be ready to share what you know with others, please talk to Debbie Larouere.  If you have a great idea for a class you would like to take, ask around at the shop and see if you can find someone who has that know how.  Then one of you should talk to Debbie Larouere.

Library – MaryAnn Main: Not in attendance.  

Stained Glass – Ed Eich & Kathy Villani – Not in attendance.   

Shop Maintenance – Dave Adamovich:  Introduced Glenn Croteau, who is working to take over his position soon.  Nothing to report from shop maintenance. Hans will be talking about the new CNC (computer numeric control) machine tonight and to see him, if you have any CNC experience.

Hans Zassenhaus, gave a brief overview of the recently purchased rebuilt used CNC machine purchased for $4,000., and costs upwards to $12,000 new. It came with $3,000 worth of bits.  A CNC is a computer numeric control tool (machine) used in prototyping and full production for cutting, carving, machining and milling wood, MDF, plastics, foams, and aluminum. Software is used to design parts on a computer, then, like a robot, the computer controls the cutter to precisely cut your parts. Advised a cabinet is being built to house this machine and classes will be held in the spring on how to use the machine, with members who have CNC experience. This machine uses Vector Software. 

A member asked, how readily available are parts, Hans advised very.

 Turners, Safety, and Apparel – John Herega:  Explained the paint room is often left a mess. Asked members to make an effort to clean it up, when they are the last to use. There is an issue of members using equipment before the monitors are on the floor in the mornings. Members must wait for the monitors, before use any of the equipment. New “caution signs” have been purchased and encourages members to use them to cover cords and in areas they are working, that require them.  Turners, they have a problem with face plates missing. Had to replace 20 face plates recently.  Instructors will be assigned face plates for their classes and the rest kept in the tool crib, for checking out.  Donated items will be auctioned off at the next Turner’s meeting. The demonstrator will be member Elliot Schantz on turning pens. Socializing will take place following the meeting.

Special Projects and Website – Hans Zassenhaus: No report.  

Member Guest Speakers: Stephan Yovan, gave a slide presentation of the canoe he made this summer for his grandson.  Elliot Schantz introduced the Veteran’s pen program sponsored by Woodcraft and the club’s participation, as well as the need for volunteers for this program.  Skip Banks, presented a slide show presentation on table saw jigs - why and how to properly use them.

Guest Speakers:  Kent Stroble and Lou Ronca with the Sunnyland Chapter of the Historic, Antique and Classic Boat Association., presented a volunteer opportunity for members with their Sunnyland’s Scampy Program for Youth. Many members signed up to participate in this program.

Questions and Answers:  No one presented any questions.    

Show and Tell – Stephan Yovan, asked participants to guess the weight of the canoe he built. Winner won a 55-year old bottle of Matuse wine.

Skip Banks brought in his Malcomb Tibitts replica segmented bowl with medallion inserts along the rim, a triangle segmented bowl with lid, a Mento Router created hole in-one golf ball holder and his cube within a cube creation.  

Linda Samson, brought in mantel clocks, which she is giving a class on in Oct. and Nov.  Additionally, she announced that she need donations for this year’s Special Olympics’ Christmas Tree, the club sponsors to auction off to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Doug White brought in an antique table he restored, that he found in his newly purchased home many, many years ago.

Tom Miller brought in ring bowls and a laser spindle bowl with top.

50/50 Drawing: The club took in $180 dollars in chances sold and the club retained $90 and $90 was won by the following; Connie Madeo $20, Larny Cross $20, New member x $40 and Judy Myer $10.  The bottle of Matuse Wine won earlier was raffled off and won by Walt Chekay.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:10pm.

Next Meeting: November 14, 2017

Minutes prepared by Patty Porter, Secretary on October 15, 2017