Monthly Update

Lowell Sundermann

Things are humming along. The attendance at the User Group meeting has picked up, with some worthwhile topics and members volunteering to help work the issues. Just exactly what we like to see.

The new Laser, a GlowForge Pro, installation is in process at RA. It will also include moving the RA Epilog Laser. Both Lasers will go in a space behind the RA tool crib making good use of that space and freeing up some space in the assembly room. Classes will be provided and announced soon for the GlowForge Laser.

Paul has been very active/busy certifying members on the BW Maverick CNC. Jef Geagan is back, at least for a while, and is offering a short class on the fundamentals of V-carve inlay. Stay tuned for details.

Tom "Buzz" Bernard, our Laser guru, is scheduled to do a special show and tell at the April Membership meeting, April 11th. Keep that on your calendar.

We continue to see new members joining the club with woodworking technology experience. I am sure this will continue and it has been interesting to see the skills they bring to the club.



Thanks to all that make our department succeed.


Lowell Sundermann