Veterans Urns


   Alvin Corenblum      Scott Herlick


All of the 6 National Cemeteries that we supply with urns have returned to full operation. We have a full inventory at all of the sites (usually 10 urns) as of this writing. We have also supplied the MIA (Missing in America) Project with 50 urns for their needs. The MIA Project searches for completely forgotten cremains and have located over 5000 vets that “fell thru the cracks” nationwide.

The Sons of the American Legion have always been very supportive of the Urn Department and this year has been no exception. Not only have they donated hard cash for supplies but more importantly, they have agreed to deliver the urns to the various Cemeteries. Doug White is a member of both clubs and has done a great job coordinating those deliveries.

Tom Soeder, also a member of both clubs, has used his contacts at the Legion to promote the project to the general membership. The Legion has agreed to place brochures and promote our for-sale urns as a way to further fund the Urn Department. We are looking forward to a good number of sales from the Legion.

Finally, I would like to remind the membership that we have smaller pet sized urns for sale. Just check with the front desk for details.