Lumber Ordering and Storage

The club is fortunate to have am environmentally conditioned area to store lumber.  The wood shed is located to the south of the main building in its own igloo hut.

Our lumber operations manager, Stephan Yovan, and his assistants will server your needs for lumber or any type thickness and length.  We stock the most common wood species and thicknesses for immediate use by our members.  For lumber in stock, simply get in touch with any of the Lumber Team to arrange for entry into the wood shed so that you can select your lumber. 

However, members can order lumber by contacting the Font Desk and completing an order form.  You will need to pay for any lumber you order at the time of delivery. 

the only restriction on ordering lumber is that we will not stock nor order Pressure Treated lumber. Only lumber NOT treated with green cyanide salts is permitted in the shop.  You can use lumber such as "Yello Wood" in the shop.

Lumber Operations

Stephan Yovan narrates this video to explain the procedures related to ordering lumber and the operation of our wood shed.