Bill Pappas
The Board of Directors has created an IT Department to support the ever increasing needs of computer support of club activities.  To provide oversight of this department, the Board also created an IT Committee with a start date of April 2015.
The IT Committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at the Woodshop starting at 3PM, unless otherwise directed by the IT Committee chairperson.
The Committee is chaired by Bill Pappas.  Please contact  Me  if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the operation of IT functions within the club, or if you have IT skills and experience and would like to volunteer.
Current efforts revolve around daily support of existing IT systems such as the Front Desk and Electronic Doors. Development efforts continue to take place for the systems we will need when we have a second wood shop location.
Last year we obtained access to products through the Microsoft Non-Profit Program. One of the products is Microsoft Share Point a content sharing tool. We believe it can be a valuable tool to help manage the Clubs two locations. Cindy Verdick has volunteered to lead the project and work with each department to help determine and implement their requirements.
For all departments that use shop PCs to support their areas of responsibility please note we are going to implement some changes to the PCs. It is our intent to directly interface with as many of the users as possible to train them on the changes.
We are making the changes to make it easier to manage the PCs we currently have and to prepare for the additional PCs when we get the new shop. John Scott and John Sullivan will be handling this project. Change is never easy; we greatly appreciate your support!