Board of Directors

Board of Directors Information

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operation of The Villages Woodworkers Club in accordance with the club By-Laws.

Board members serve for a term of three years. Members are elected as part of the first General Membership meeting each year from a list of nominations prepared by the Nominating Committee.  If you, as a member in good standing, are interested in being considered for nomination to the Board of Directors contact Anne Bell, who is the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee for 2015.

The Board of Directors meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, except November and December when the meeting is held on the third Thursday.  Meetings start at 7:00PM in the shop.

All VWC members are encouraged to attend the meetings as observers. 

Minutes of the Board of Director meetings are posted on this website available to all VWC members who log onto this website.  You must be a VWC member to view these minutes.

2017 Club Officers


 The Villages Woodworkers Club


Mike Borfitz – President


Term: 2017 




Jim Spallone - VWC President

Jim’s experience encompassed over 38 years in the banking/financial industry, holding positions in middle and senior management. Most of his duties were in management, consumer and small business lending, leasing, sales and marketing, product management and operations. Firms worked for were local, regional and national financial institutions. Jim retired in 2005 from a national bank. Jim additionally was very active in his local and professional community.

Term: 2017



 Doug Parks, Treasurer

Doug Parks moved to The Villages from Westfield, Massachusetts in 2009.  He joined The Villages Woodworkers Club almost immediately.  Before bringing his talents to the Club he worked in Accounting as a Controller and Manager of Nuclear Materials.  In 2011 he served as the Assistant Treasurer for VWC, moving up to the Treasurer position on 2012.  When he’s not overseeing the VWC budget, he may be found in the general shop area making such household items as plantation shutters, Adirondack chairs, or Murphy beds.

Term: 2017

Patty Porter - Secretary

Patty has worked for 30 years in the Property and Casualty Insurance Claims industry as auditor, manager and supervisor.  She has been the secretary for the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary along with many other volunteer jobs at her church.

Since joining the wood shop, she has been a member of the Safety committee and also works at the Front Desk. 

Term: 2017

Board of Directors

The Villages Woodworkers Club 



Bill McGinnis  Chairman Board of Directors





Term: 2016 - 2019



Sandy Fuller 

Sandy Fuller became a VWC member in 2008. Soon after, she started working at the front desk. Other activities include serving on the Christmas party committee, development of a teaching manual for the Band Saw Platter Class, asst. teaching with Andy McTear and serving on a recent tool crib committee. She enjoys taking classes, carving, turning, simple construction and the helpful, welcoming environment of the woodshop. Before moving to Florida, Sandy was a career educator/administrator for thirty years in Ohio. She served as the teacher association president and building representative. In her community, she served as a school board member/president, as an elder/Sunday school in her church and as a foster parent.


Term 2017 - 2020

Frank Giaccone




Term: 2015 - 2017



Harm Borfitz

Harm is an Air Force Veteran who severed in Korea during the Korean War.  He was an Analytical Chemist for 34 years with management experience.  After his retirement he spent 5 years in Hospital administration.

While at the wood shop he was a monitor coordinator and has been the Tool Crib Manager for the last several years.          

TERM: 2017-2020



Conway Williams

Conway has 35+ years of manufacturing experience with a multi-national company focusing on planning, quality, process improvement and cost reduction.  While living in Pennsylvania, he was on the RAYAC Board and the State Real Estate Board for 3 years each.

                He has been the assistant Toy Depart manager, and currently has taken over the Manager’s position for the Toy department.  He has implemented many process improvements, quality improvements, and cost reduction strategies within the department.


TERM: 2016 – 2019

Bernie Harkins

I am a charter member of the woodworkers club.  Eldred Codling and I started the club in 2001.  At the first meeting of the club in October of 2001 I suggested we ask The Villages to build a woodshop.  After several committee trips to other woodshops, I presented a plan to The Villages in December of 2001 and I was told it was accepted in early January of 2002.  Construction didn’t begin until 2004 due to legal problems.  I was the chairman of the board for the first 6 years of the woodshop.  I would like to get back on the board and plan to champion an extension of the woodshop with the VCCDD.


Term: 2017

Bob Bell

The following are woodworkers club activities that I have been involved in since I joined the club.

Club Actives Resume:

1.      Joined Club 2006

2.      One Term Board of Director 2010-2012

3.      Pervious Board Member Advisor to Current Board : Appointed by BOD Chairperson Three Times For a One Year Term 2014-2016

4.      Instructor 2008-2016

5.      2013 Nominating Committee Chair Person

6.      Member Merchandise/ Special Order Purchasing/ Turning Wood Purchasing 2008-2016

7.      Assistant Supplies Purchasing 2010-2016


Term 2017-2020



Sandra Monaco

Sandra moved to the Villages in Dec. of 2002. Her previous position was working as a property manager, overseeing Apt complex, strip malls and high rise condo’s. She joined the VWC in Aug of 2011 with an interest in learning how to turn wood. She was the Assist. Secretary in 2012 for the VWC and became Secretary in 2013.

Term: 2016 - 2019


John Herega

John Herega moved to The Villages from Middleton, New Jersey.  Before establishing himself as a “go-to” person for nearly any area within The Villages Woodworkers Club, he served as a Production/Safety supervisor.  He joined the Club in 2005 and brings a wealth of information to woodworking and the organization.  He has been very active in the Safety area and is also responsible for VWC apparel.  He became Vice President in 2011.  When he’s in the Shop, he is most frequently in the lathe area working on projects that often spill into the carving arena.  John’s availability and talents are a boon to the membership of the Club.



Term: 2016 - 2019