Monthly Update

Lowell Sundermann


At Tuesday’s general membership meeting, at the request of management, we gave a presentation of some of the projects and capabilities floating around our department. Sorry if you missed it. So I thought we would do something different this month, especially with all the holidays arriving soon.

Valerie Pfundstein, a team member, came upon an app that not only is a huge time saver for those doing laser photo editing, but can also be a neat tool for your holiday photos, Christmas letter, and so much more.

It is a photo background remover! Here is how it works:

1) Open (bg = background)
2) Find a fav photo and upload it
3) Select a bg from many choices.
4) Press edit to remove bg

Easy Peasy!
Hope it works for you, and that you and your family enjoy the holidays.


Lowell Sundermann