Women In Turning

Women In Turning (WIT)

This is about a new group called Women in Turning that is part of AAW.  Additional information will be posted on our website for the women's benefit.  

Sandy Fuller has agreed to be the liaison for the Southeast Area WIT for our chapter.  

Periodically, Sandy will have information on this topic.  The official registration is done online on the AAW website.

Sandy Fuller

First WIT Exchange - September 2018

Come experience the first WIT EXCHANGE held at Arrowmont September 5-7, 2018!

Join in the fun of a three-day immersion into the creative process. Each day will be a new opportunity to work and get to know different people in small collaborative teams of three. The first two days, group members will be assigned so there will be a range of skill levels from newbie to professionals on each team. On the third day, you will be able to select those you want to work with.

Each day your team will be working in a fun-filled and fast-paced exploration of designing and creating a piece based on randomly generated word pairs by using a variety of techniques including, but not limited to woodturning, pyrography, carving and painting. We will all be sharing and learning from each other! If there is a certain tool or technique you want to use, but are not sure how to go about it, just ask. Someone will be able to help you.

As your day progresses, you will be asked to photograph the process your team goes though. Each evening we will come together and share your process with the whole group using a selected group of your images. In this way we will be able to learn from everyone's experience. Groups do not necessarily need to complete the project by day's end but we do hope to get those creative juices flowing and have fun! All levels of experience are welcome-including newbies.

The cost for the three-day EXCHANGE, including meals, is $300 ($360 for non-AAW members). To register, visit the AAW-WIT page. That page includes information about housing at Arrowmont.

Registration is open, come and enjoy the experience.