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We have a good quantity of various kits for creating gifts this Holiday Season. Most of the gift kits are not difficult and are perfect for beginning woodworkers to gain shop experience. Seasoned shop members are available to advise and help understand how to create the gift. Take some time to look at them in person. Sales people are in the shop daily and are happy to show you what’s available. Gift kits include: back scratchers, shoe horns, potpourri lids, pepper mills, salt mills, pen kits, bracelet assist helpers, purse hangers (especially nice for CNC users), and many more items to choose from. Take a look!



Lumber species of the month... Cypress

Characteristics.... The pale yellowish–white merges into the hardwood, which ranges from yellowish to light or dark brown, on to reddish-brown and almost black. The darker varieties tend to be found in swamplands of the southern USA. It normally has straight grain, which may be even or uneven, and a course texture. The oil content gives it a greasy feel. The oil in the heartwood makes it very durable when exposed to moist conditions. The heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment.

Properties... It is soft to moderately hard, with moderate strength and stiffness. It has medium crushing and bending strength. The wood works easily with hand and machine tools, holds screws and nails well, glues satisfactorily, sands easily and readily accepts finishes.

Origin ... Eastern United States

Common uses.... The wood is used in furniture, boat building, flooring, shutters, shingles, fence posts, paneling, food containers, core stock, and veneers. The “knees” which grow upwards of the tree's roots are used for artistic or whimsical carvings.