Class Registration Process


September through December (Fall 2019 Term)

 Class Signup Starts Monday, August 19, 2019


●      You may sign up for TWO classes ONLY for the first two weeks of the registration period.  ​

●      You may NOT sign up for any class you have previously taken, until after the first two weeks of the registration period.  

●      If you are unavailable during this time, a friend may sign up for you and pay the costs at the front office.  Please give them your ID number.

●      Class fee and supply fees are payable when you sign up.  NO REFUNDS.

●      NEW MEMBERS you must be CERTIFIED before the class begins – check class      dates.

         However, you may sign up before certification. 

●      Logon to the web site to see your schedules.

●      Not showing up for class shows disrespect for the instructor and fellow members who could have taken YOUR spot.

●      The following classes have prerequisites that MUST be met in order to take the class.

         Proof that the prerequisite class has been taken or instructor approval to take  the course must be obtained prior to the time you come to the front desk to sign up for the class.

For all turning classes:  T010 - Lathe Introduction is REQUIRED for ALL NEW TURNERS.




E202 – Leigh Dovetail Jig - Intermediate


E201 – Leigh Dovetail Jig-Introduction


P902 – Stained Glass Project – Intermediate

P903 – Stained Glass Project - Advanced


P901 – Stained Glass Project – Basic (or instructor approval)

P901 or P902 – Stained Glass Project – Basic or Intermed (or instructor approval)

T101 – Spindle Turning Basic


T010 – Lathe Introduction


T101 – Spindle Turning Intermediate


T101 – Spindle Turning Basic

T201 – Bowl Turning Basic


T010 – Lathe Introduction and instructor approval

T252 – Segmented Bowl Construction-Intermediate


T201 – Bowl turning or written instructor approval

(no turning is actually done in this class)

T262 – Segmented Platter Construction - Intermediate


T201 – Bowl turning or written instructor approval

(no turning is actually done in this class)

 T312-Intermediate Bowls & Platters                        T302 or Instructor Approval

T401 -  Cigar Pen - Basic


Any Turning class except Lathe Introduction

T502 – Pepper or Salt Mill ONE ONLY – Intermediate


T101 – Spindle Turning, any prior MILL class, or instructor approval. Class turns one mill only


Education Schedule

We have now established the classes that will be available for you to take during this coming Fall period at the VWC, and these can be seen on the Club's web site. All of these classes will run at some time between the beginning of September and the end of December. We will have new classes available for the Winter period (January to end of April) following that.

Please note that we have also instituted a new numbering scheme for classes as down below:

  • First Character indicates a general category of the training:
  • C - Carving
  • D - Demonstrations
  • E - Equipment Operation
  • G - General Training
  • P - Project Made
  • T - Turner
  • Second two digits provide a serial number for the course in the range of 01 through 99
  • Third digit indicates the experience level of the course:
    • 1 - Introduction or "beginner" - no special skills other than shop certification is required
    • 2 - Intermediate - Additional expertise in the operation of the equipment is required and admittance to a class may require instructor's approval
    • 3 - Advanced - the students must be very proficient in the operation of the equipment and use of techniques covered in the course

Please note that signing up for classes will begin on Monday, August 19th and that you (or your representative) must pay for any class you wish to take, as well as any additional charges for materials (where these are known in advance), in full at the time of signing. Additional costs for each class are shown with the information for that class on the web site. Where there is no extra charge that is shown as a zero charge, but there are some classes, where by their nature, the additional costs for materials are yet to be determined (shown as TBD). That would be done with the instructor at the commencement of the class.

Details and course descriptions are available under the EDUCATION TAB above.

Please also pay particular attention to the dates that the class you wish to sign up for will run, as the policy of the VWC is that there are no refunds if you miss a session because of prior commitments or a clash of engagements etc. In addition to that, by signing for a class that you later find you are unable to attend, you deny a fellow member of the chance to take one of the places, which for the most part are in great demand.

During the initial signing up and for the first two weeks of that, any member will be limited to a maximum of two classes for which they can sign to give chance that others may also find spaces available to them on some course or other. After that period, any member wishing to do so may sign up for additional classes if spaces still remain.

To sign up you (or another member on your behalf) have to do so at the front desk located in the main entrance hall of the shop . Telephoning in a request for a class is not an option at this time.

As we progress through the Fall period there are often additional classes that become available for you to take. As and when this happens members will be notified, but it is also important that you check the web site on a regular basis for new and additional information regarding classes.

Once again I would like to thank all of those instructors who have been kind enough to give of their time to allow us to run the wide varied and range of courses that we do for members' benefits and would ask that anyone else who feels that they are able to offer their services in this way by teaching a class for us get in touch with me so we can discuss what would need to be done to set you up as a club instructor.

VWC Education Coordinator