Education and Certification

Deb Larouere

What's up with the classes? While there will not be a full slate of class offerings for a time yet, there are still Education opportunities available that feature safer options until we can get back in the swing. Classes will eventually be offered at the Brownwood Shop too. Instructors will choose the Shop location for each section.

More Instructors and Mentors are needed for sure. Please help us to find them! Current Instructors, using all of our Shop's safety precautions, are returning slowly as they are ready. Many are still away for the season yet. Notice of any additional or new classes with open seats will show up in your email from the VWC, so make sure that your email address is one you check. Seats are limited and, as always, first come at the Front Desk.

Make up classes from last term– As Instructors are ready and available, they are contacting students whose classes were put on hold earlier to discuss plans to complete class sessions and projects. Some of these are one on one. This process may take time as some of the Instructors are not yet available. If students are not yet ready, they will be offered 'first dibs' on the same class for future sections.

Certification Training for new Members– More Instructors are needed to allow one on one work with students. Contact John Herega if you have skills and some time during hours when the Shop is closed anyway. He'll get you started at your pace. No long term commitment necessary.

Mentoring and project help- Sign-up sheets to request help are on the bulletin board in the Lunchroom if you need help on a project or to get started. You can also look around for members with the blue Maintenance or "Ask Me" badges.

Got skills? If you're in the Shop and have an hour or more to share, check the board too. There is a spot for Mentors to offer help. No schedule to keep. Drop in and look around. You'll probably find a way to help. Every smile helps!

Beginner Skill Builders (P Zero) Mentoring -Sign up for this starter course for beginners (P Zero) at the Front Desk. This is a one on one, individualized, skill-based overview that follows Certification with opportunities to practice and acquire basic woodworking skills. Mentors and students set their own hours/days as they choose.

Mentors are needed to guide students as they complete the provided skill checklist.  What Mentors get in return is the chance to share the fun and satisfaction of making sawdust with a motivated new woodworker. And we're ALL safer.

Carvers– Open invitation to watch and learn Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 to 11:00.  See something different every time.  Or give it a try yourself as the Carvers have starter kits available for guided use then. See Steve Mendelsohn for more info. You're likely to get a laugh before you leave.

Stained Glass– Classes are on-going on Fridays from 9 to 11, so stop by to peek at what they're working on.  Come early if you're looking to see if there's an open seat in a class.

Sofa Classes– No, not upholstery, but web-based learning from your couch.  Check out our website for a REALLY HUGE list of links to videos that you can access anytime.   Want a refresher before you put your hands to a machine you haven't used for awhile?  This is it!

Have skills but no "Ask Me!" badge? Unless you're that one cranky guy, it's time.  You're really needed! No commitment required.  Just wear your button when you wish and take it off if you're too busy (or cranky –LOL!)  Needone?  Ask me! I'll help you to get it!

Spread Joy, not germs!


Dick Besler

Certifying four new members on both Tuesdays and Thursdays is allowing us to move a minimum of thirty-two names per month off the waiting list and providing more one-on-one training for these new members. 

The training has been filled for the rest of October and efforts are on-going to fill the November slots.  Special thanks to John Herega, Steve Yovan, John Scott and Steve Eikenberry for devoting Tuesdays and Thursdays to this effort.