Put a little class in your Shop Life -

We started 2020 out of the gate with 92 classes offered and had a much larger-than-usual number of students sign-up on the first day!
Apologies to those who waited in line excessively. We have been working for a few years to improve the process within our current limitations, but were overwhelmed! Plus we had a number of students try to sign-up for classes for which they hadn't completed the pre-requisites.

Regrets go out to students who didn't get a desired class because there weren't enough open spots. We are always looking for qualified instructors to step forward.

More classes are always added to the schedule and these will be announced through email as they become available. Members, be sure the Shop has your correct email and that your device is set to receive it. If you aren't already getting the monthly Meeting reminders, you won't get any other VWC email either.