Shop Monitors

Both Rolling Acres and Brownwood shops closed Thursday, July 4 to observe July 4th 

Rolling Acres Shop Monitor Refresher Video

 Each VWC Member is responsible for serving three (4) four - hour assignments as either a shop monitor or a tool crib monitor each year, unless specifically excused from this duty.

Members must undergo training prior to their first monitor duty and then a refresher training every third year.  This training video applies only to the Rolling Acres Shop as a refresher for our members; but is NOT a substitute for attendance at the training class.  (scroll down for Brownwood)

The refresher is divided into two parts, BOTH should be reviewed.

  1. Part One is a video presentation lasting approximately 45 minutes. This may take a while to load due to the size of the file.
  2. Part TWO is a PDF slide presentation.  


Part 2  is a presentation that can be accessed by selecting this active link:  PART TWO RA MONITOR  REFRESHER

For Brownwood Monitor Refresher Click Here

Monitor Information

The Villages Woodworkers Club (VWC) 
(352) 751-0513


Monitor duty is an obligation to the VWC. It is as important as paying dues. Failure to comply can result in restriction from the Shop.

The morning shift starts at 7:45 AM; afternoon shift starts at 11:45 AM.

Monitor Reminders:

  •  Monitor coordinators will remind you of your upcoming shift and the need for training, if necessary, 3 – 4 weeks prior to your shift date.
  • Training is required every third year (See information below.)
  •  REMEMBER - Monitors are the eyes and ears of the Shop.
  • Arrive on time and stay through the entire shift, even if there is no one in the shop.
  • Remain alert.
  • Make sure that at least one of the monitors is on the Shop floor at all times (i.e. if nature calls or you are required to go into the office area.)
  • Eat before or after your shift.
  • Walk around and pay attention to the work being done.
  • Be on the alert for unsafe practices (including reminding members to clean up after themselves.)
  • Monitor duty is NOT the time to work on personal projects.

Monitor Training:

  • Monitor training at Rolling Acres is on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and on the 4th Wednesday in January, February, and March from 4 pm to 6 pm.  No need to sign up – just arrive before 4 pm.
  • Brownwood monitor training is on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month and on the 4th Monday in January, February, and March from 4 to 6 pm.  No need to sign up – just arrive before 4 pm.
  • Make sure your training (if necessary) is completed before your first shift.
  • Arrive early.  (Doors are locked at 4:00 PM.)
  • Make sure to sign the Monitor Training Booklet at the class in order to receive appropriate credit for the training.

Changing Monitor Dates:

If it is necessary to change monitor dates, it is YOUR responsibility to do so. Contact your Monitor Coordinator or the Front Desk (either shop) to obtain lists of names and phone numbers of people with whom you may arrange an exchange.  When the exchange has been agreed upon, inform your Monitor Coordinator or the Front Desk (either shop) of the needed changes and notify the Coordinators responsible for overseeing those periods.

REMINDER:  Even if you are exempt from monitor duty because of other duties at the woodshop, you are still required to take monitor training every 3rd year.