Monthly Update

Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report the Elves and Painters continue their hard work to meet our clients’ needs. We have now seen the departure of our seasonal residents and the relocation of the Lasers and the CNC Machine in Rolling Acres. We also gained some much needed working space in the Toy Area from the relocation of the Library computer and printer to the front office. The elimination of the of books and magazines from the library allowed for our work in process and the storage of the Urn Materials and Pre made saleable items to be moved into library, all of which created much needed equipment space on the shop floor.

On the production side we have made 5,053 Toys through the end of May.

We continue to work with Woodworking Technology on issues with Rolling Acres CNC. They have now corrected the issues that had created assembly issues for us, plus the refined process is running at much higher speeds now!

The Rolling Acres Epilog Laser is working now, but we are seeing about a 30% reduction in the cutting speeds we were seeing in March. We also continue to have difficulty getting good quality plywood at reasonable prices. We are anxious to see if the new Glowforge Laser at Rolling Acres will help us with some of our puzzle production. Mike Kwiatkowski has converted all of our current puzzles to be able to run on the Glowforge.

On the shipping side we have made shipments totaling 2,969 toys with a donation value of $ 16,965 at the end of May. We are on target to have total shipments containing 3,760 toys with a donation value of $26,379 by the end of June.

Our Toys on the Square Project stopped after another successful session at Brownwood on May 4th. , before our summer shutdown (June, July and August). Please come out and continue to support the Toy Team when we return to Brownwood in September.

The Toy Team is also looking woodworkers who are interested in:
Mentoring new Elves as they learn to make toys.
Participating in the Toys on the Square Project.
Participating in the Lumber program with Ro-mac Lumber and Supply.
Become involved in the planning and running of the Toy Department.

Please contact Conway Williams at or leave a message on 717-319 6952.

 Month Date 2023 Day Location Remarks
Jan 4 Wed Lake Sumter Landing (LSL)  
Feb 7 Tues Spanish Springs (SS)  
Mar 7 Tues SS  
Apr 4 Tues SS  
May 4 Thurs Brownwood (BWD)  
June       OFF
July       OFF
Aug       OFF
Sept 7 Thurs BWD  
Oct 5 Thurs BWD  
Nov 9 Thurs BWD  
Dec 6 Wed LSL