Veterans Urns


   Alvin Corenblum      Scott Herlick


Work continues to build up our urn supply after delivering 30 to the MIAP group, which you may remember searches for forgotten veteran cremains. We will be resupplying Gainesville with 10 at the end of February and 20 more for the MIAP at the end of March.

I expect the cemeteries will need many more this year that last as they get back to a more normal schedule

Here are some pictures showing our urns “in action”.


On the home front, Judy and Connie put another 15 urns together yesterday which will make 30, more than enough to keep the folks above going.

I also finally got in contact with Colleen Martin at the Bushnell location, and she is overjoyed that we have moved ahead on the small flag case. We are almost ready to start production which will take place under Alvin’s supervision at his place. He has recruited some other veterans to help assemble them in the activities room.

We are waiting for Alvin’s friend, the sticker man, to supply the needed stickers.