Alvin Corenblum      Scott Herlick


Late May and early June have seen some added activity for the Urn team. We continue to improve the display stand that we produce for the Florida National Cemetery. Sheryl Case has agreed to add some color to the display by infilling some engraving we added with red, white, and blue paint. That really makes them stand out and all the displays going forward will have the upgrade. We have delivered 5 displays to the cemetery and have enough blanks prepared for another 5. We are in an "as needed" situation so we may have enough ready for the immediate future.


We also made progress on the small give-away flag cases. Lowell Sunderland stepped up to the plate and designed a major part of the piece to be made in the CNC machine. We get 4 of them from a 3” X 3” scrap of wood. We are still working with the cemetery about the special items needed, the stickers and the plexiglass.


We are as ready as we can be without starting production for the pet urns. I feel we must be open to the public before we can sell them in earnest, I would hate to have our product launch be blunted by difficult access not to mention the added work for the front desk folks.