Lowell Sundermann


The good news is that the CNC has been turned on and made operational for at least the horizontal 3 axis machining.


For all operators wanting to become certified on the Brownwood CNC here are some criteria you should consider.


First you need to be certified on the China 6040 at Rolling Acres. If you have completed E511 but not certification, consider doing so. (contact me - see below)


If you are certified on the China 6040 but have not operated it in the last year, I will want to review with you the changes made to the machine, and likely have you run a quick short project. What is most important is that you understand the changes that were made to the machine. It is set up to mimic the Maverick for training. Future operators will be taught these features during E511.


As I understand it, the YouTube training courses that were posted on Legacy's YouTube channel were hacked. They have been retrieved and re-posted. This is great news. I encourage those interested in the turning center capability to spend time watching the videos at:


https://lwmcnc.com/cnc-training/cnc-training-video-library/ (CCAM training)


These videos go back to March 2019, and there have been some changes since then, but it is a great place to start. You will see how Vcarve Pro and Legacy's Conversational Cam works together. Separate certification/approval will be required to operate the turning center.


For now, I will be your point person for all these activities and questions. Contact me by email at: ljsundermann@gmail.com. We can get you down the road over the next 30 - 45 days to get you up to speed to train on and operate the Brownwood CNC. I think you will agree it will be an awesome experience.


Additional classes will be planned for next fall, or when we can make them happen.