Debbie Larouere

Classes are up and running at Rolling Acres. There are still seats available and we will add additional classes and sections as Instructors and Mentors become available. Watch your email.

You can check the Class Catalog tag under the Education page for more information about individual classes. The most up to date information and paper copies are available for viewing at the Shop. Copies of the Class Planner with the sign-up information are available at the Front Desk and on the Break room table.

There are no classes at Brownwood yet, including the CNC and Laser base classes as it is not open yet. Classes will be announced after that Shop has an opening date and as they are confirmed. Again, watch your email.

We are always looking to add additional Instructors and Mentors to lighten the load of our existing staff, including that of New Member Orientation/Certification. Even if you only have a few hours here and there, our students need your help to get them started down the path to safely acquire more skills.

Those of you that are experienced can all name the Woodworkers that helped you get to where you are. Please consider being that force for good for someone else. Choose your days, times, skill area, Shop and let’s have some fun! It will be good for all of us. And the equipment and Maintenance teams will love it too!


P 01 1 Wall Shelf - Skill Builder Class

This Skill Builder project class is designed to help motivated students really learn the foundation skills for all general woodworking projects and more. The focus is on how to follow project plans and safely use basic Shop equipment. The Learner will work with a Mentor in hands on, individualized, guided practice at their own pace and on their own schedule throughout.  

In addition to a useful set of skills and a beautiful and functional wall shelf, students who complete the project will have earned the P 10 0 course credit. This is the skill set, and prerequisite, for many Intermediate level classes.  There is currently a waitlist for this class as we need more Mentors.