Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report in March, the Elves and Painters are working to produce the toys required to support our limited client demand.


On the shipping side, in March we made four deliveries to clients which contained 829 toys with donation value of $5,570, which gave us a year-to-date total of 1,849 toys, with a donation value of $11,158.


Thus far in April we have made one shipment of 40 toys with a donation value of $800, and are working on another shipment of 400 toys with a donation value of $1,200 As we look at the production side of the ledger, we produced 947 toys during March, this gives us a year-to-date total of 2,259. In April we have produced an additional 538 toys.


During March we were asked by the Villages to participate in their Cinco de Mayo Celebration, which after looking at the issues and health concerns involved, we decided not to participate.


We were also advised that that Hoedown Days scheduled for May 2021, have been canceled for this year and rescheduled to January of 2022. We will stop work on those items and store them for use next year.


We have been asked by Don Magruder, CEO of Romac Building Supply, to judge 2021 Lake County School Birdhouse Competition on Monday May 3rd. Richard Steele, Dennis Drazkowski and Conway Williams will do the judging .


I have contacted seven of our School and Daycare clients, who have all expressed interest in receiving toys this year. They also are seeming much more positive that this year will be a slow return to “normalcy”.

Looking ahead, we have been asked by the Villages to participate in Toys on the Square for 2021, we have submitted a suggested calendar and are still awaiting to hear back from the Villages, although it would now appear that this will not happen until September of 2021.