Administration and Maintenance



                           Brad Primeau                            Dave Adamovich


Both shops continue to be utilized (hate that word) by members who haven't left the area for cooler conditions. There is an attendance difference but the continued growth of the Villages in southern area has lessened the impact of having fewer members during the hot summer months. The absence of Blue and Yellow volunteers has been noticed and some who stay have volunteered to help fill the voids that have occurred because there a fewer people to meet Blue and Yellow shift requirements. Those individuals filling in are thanked for doing so and I know Glenn and Brad are GRATEFUL for their dedication. GO BLUES AND YELLOWS!!!


By the time you read this the NEW osculating spindle sander will have arrived and been installed at Brownwood. Members have asked when the old one will be fixed? Well, getting parts is the BIG problem and the manufacturer cannot even guarantee if and when parts will be shipped. The cost of parts has also increased. The total cost of the repair parts and questionable delivery time justified purchasing a replacement machine. Replacement time took longer because anything costing more than $1000 must be approved by the VWC Board.

The Rolling Acres maintenance team has assembled and installed a new Flat Master surface sander. Members using the Brownwood shop use the same machine and it has proven very useful. The sander has lightened the load on the 18-inch belt sander especially when repetitive sanding is needed by those who are making thin strips and smoothing cutting boards.

Bob Behrens completed modernizing the Rolling Acres front office reception desk and matching storage cabinets. The front office was built about the time the club started and hundreds maybe thousands of actions, closing cabinet doors and opening drawers and banging staple guns on the desk tops has taken its toll. Updates for computers, administrative changes and front office staff user requirements were incorporated in the new design Bob created. Overall it looks similar to the old office but, it’s the details that count that makes the new office ‘more better’. Bob used new materials but also repurposed as much of the old office he could. Thanks to Bob and Kathy Villani for making it happen.


If you’ve lost or left something behind in either shop check the lost found to see if it’s there. Likewise if you find an unclaimed item put it in the lost and found so the person who lost it can get it back. Rolling Acres lost and found is located in the break room corner shelving under the TV in a blue plastic container. Brownwood lost and found is located behind the front desk in the lower wall cabinet marked ‘lost and found’.