Steve Eikenberry

The Safety Department continues to improve and succeed in its mission to improve safety conditions at the Shops. During the week of June 7th, we held a safety orientation workshop at the Brownwood shop for department members in anticipation of Brownwood opening to general membership. The red vests that Safety department members wear have made safety visible in the shop and has garnered positive responses from members in general.

As COVID continues to become less of an issue in our community, we will once again be holding regular Safety department meetings starting this month. And although some of our department staff is out of town for the summer months, we continue to have a regular presence in the shop.

Regular shop monitors have come to rely on us as a resource for answers, help, and advice on safety issues and correct operation of machinery. This extends to general membership folks also, and we encourage you to approach a safety red vest person with safety questions or to seek help for the safest way to perform a woodworking procedure.

Any member who wishes to help with shop safety may contact me, Steve Eikenberry at or John Herega at