Dave Adamovich                           Brad Primeau


Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel! The last of the woodworking equipment has been delivered. Three 14-inch Laguna bandsaws were delivered, assembled and connected to power and dust collection.


Construction of lumber room storage bins and shelves is finished and wood that has been stored in the main area has been moved to the lumber room. Most crib storage cabinets and shelves have been installed and the room is being stocked with all the tools and accessory items club members will need for their projects.


Ninety-eight percent of the equipment is connected to power and dust collection and is operational. What remains to be finished requires some specialized duct and hose connection fittings that have been ordered.


The CNC is being tested and calibrated by our Technology group, and the maintenance team continues to learn how to fine tune equipment, build shop assembly tables, cabinets, equipment accessory storage boxes and all the other things that are used in a woodworking shop. The electrical team is completing wiring, labeling and marking electrical components throughout the building. All the Jet ceiling filter units have been installed and are turned on using several remote hand controls and all the units hanging in the main shop and assembly room can be shut off with ONE wall switch located by the main entry door.


The “fragrance” of polyurethane continues to emanate from the assembly area as the VWS artisans build maple assembly tables, carver, glass and resale merchandise cabinetry, member storage cabinets ... the creativity of the group is endless! So far gallons of poly have been applied with dozens of roller and foam brushes, hundreds of nuts, bolts, and washers have been used (or dropped). The scissors lift has been maneuvered over every inch of the shop floor to adjusting dust and electrical connections, hang ductwork and it has been used by our IT department to install state of the art equipment and wiring that will be used for training, building announcements, internet, online library, parts and lumber ordering, purchasing, inventory control and many other things that are planned for the future.


While bringing Brownwood online is newsworthy those on the Blue Badge team who continue to open and close Rolling Acres and clean the dust collection filters every Sunday, Dave Adamovich and Walt Chekay who keep equipment running and Scott Herlick and Bob Behrens who manage to tie all the loose ends of shop operations together is equally, if not more, important! Many of the people who help make Rolling Acres a premier facility were pulled off to bring Bwood online and those who keep things moving understand the impact it has had on RA operations. As installation requirements at Bwood wind down there will be a resurgence by the maintenance department to bring RA operations up to full speed.


To that end, the notice sent to membership asking for maintenance volunteers resulted in a number of people who want to join the maintenance Facility Support team. A group those people met at Bwood last Saturday and several indicated they were available for RA or Bwood. This is a good thing and absolutely necessary for RA operations. It is interesting to note those who said they could support RA live in the southern part of the Villages. Hopefully, those who live in the Northern part of the Villages will express interest in supporting the RA shop. Another meeting is planned for those who missed the first meeting or have recently filled out the maintenance form.


So what are the challenges still facing the team at Brownwood? Learning about the dust collection system is one of them. What’s the phrase “its complicated”. Yes it collects sawdust but it is a completely different system than we have at Rolling Acres. It’s “bigger” and it is “better” but it has the capability of performing at a level of efficiency that will take time to learn and standardize.


The sliding table saw with its scoring blade is new to the maintenance team. It does an excellent job with minimal or no plywood tear out. That is the great news the bad news is the motor burned out last week. Say what? its brand new! We think its a manufacturing issue. The good news its covered under warranty and a new one will be here before the shop opens for business.