Bill Pappas


Software Development efforts continue to take place for the Front desk applications we will need when open the Brownwood Shop.

Testing is going well, through three testing and repair cycles! Kathy used new web based Front desk system to train Front desk personnel. Thank you, Dick Hartley and Kathy Villani, for all your tireless efforts getting the Front desk system developed and tested.

Development and testing continues on the electronic door keypad system for the New Shop. First new keypad system was installed and tested successfully at Rolling Acres. Parts for doors for both shops have been ordered. Thank you Jonathan MacGowan and Steve Tarpley for taking the time needed to develop the new door system.


Hans Zassenhaus and Brian Landis have added the modifications to the new SQL based database update software to support the new Front desk applications.


- Submitted by Brian Landis filling in for Bill Pappas