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Debbie  Larouere
VWC Education Coordinator

Classes are added (and fill quickly) all the time, depending on the availability of our limited volunteer Instructors. The best way to find the latest info is to watch the website. Login to website and hover over the green Education menu tab. Click on Available Classes to find open seats. The page is time-stamped. Keep in mind that these update once each evening and you might have to ‘refresh’ your page to get the latest. More volunteers would mean more options to learn. Help us to find these skilled Members.

If you have a few hours, we have a few students who need your help. Many of our newer members are also new to woodworking. Better not to let them play unguided in the sawdust. We (and our equipment) are all happier when our members are more knowledgeable and have made friends with more experienced members who can help them get off to a good start.

Watch for Winter Class schedule and sign-up information coming soon. Waiting for volunteer Instructors and assistants. Expecting that classes will continue to be added through 2023 as volunteers finalize calendars.

Skilled Members, you don’t need to teach a ‘class’. There are lots of ways to share the skills that you have learned. We can also use support staff in a variety of areas. Let’s Talk! Send email to Debbie at

The pay is terrible, but the pay-off is great!