Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report in January, the Elves and Painters were hard at work to produce all the toys required to support client demand until our Covid-19 shutdown on Friday January 19 th .


On the shipping side, in January we made two deliveries to clients which contained 440 toys with donation value of $2,000. As we look at the production side of the ledger, we produced of 964 toys in January.


We have obviously had no production or shipments so far in February. However, we do have two client shipments which have already been produced and will be ready for shipment upon our reopening for another 440 toys with a donation value of $2,000.


I have taken the opportunity to talk with Children’s Home Society and they have indicated that they can take some additional toys that we already have in stores to add to their donation total for this fiscal year. I’ll advise the details when we are back from the shutdown.


I also had a conversation with Joe Stone of the Paradise Euchre Group to say that he has collected $400.00 for his annual donation to the Toy Department. He will bring in the money when we are open for business.


Looking ahead, we have been asked by the Villages to participate in Toys on the Square for 2021, we have submitted a suggested calendar and are still awaiting to hear back from the Villages. Further we will also be participating in Hoedown Days, which has been rescheduled from January 2021 to May 2021. Work is well underway on the items to support this popular activity.


We are all looking forward to getting back to work when it is safe to do so.