Monthly Update

Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report, the Elves and Painters are working hard to produce the toys to support our client’s 2022 requirements.

On the shipping side, in October we made six shipments of 1,001 toys with a donation value of $6,854. Thus far in November we have already made four shipments of 980 toys with a donation value of $7,504. This brings our 2022 shipping totals to 8,887 toys with a donation value of $60,821. We are working on four more shipments for November which will have another 297 toys and an additional donation value of $3,086.

As we look at the production side of the ledger, we were able to produce 792 toys for October, bringing our total produced so far this year to 8,932 toys.

Looking at our Toys on the Square activities we have has two successful outings at Brownwood Paddock Square in October raising $557.00 and November another $489. We will be moving to Lake Sumter on Wednesday November 15th. Come out and support your Toy Team.

 Month Date 2023 Day Location Remarks
Jan 4 Wed Lake Sumter Landing (LSL)  
Feb 7 Tues Spanish Springs (SS)  
Mar 7 Tues SS  
Apr 4 Tues SS  
May 4 Thurs Brownwood (BWD)  
June       OFF
July       OFF
Aug       OFF
Sept 7 Thurs BWD  
Oct 5 Thurs BWD  
Nov 9 Thurs BWD  
Dec 6 Wed LSL