Voytek Kulesza


The situation in Special Projects didn’t change much from last month but there are some things that slowly moving ahead.

John Scott worked on the paperwork process for receiving, completion and closing a project. That has been almost finished. In the shop we started (again) working on the round table for BW cafeteria. We have some good progress there. Paul TURNED legs for it on the NEW CNC. Big thanks for that. Top has been made; all it needs is trimming and finish sanding.

A few days ago, we visited Wyomina Park Elementary School to see if would be able to help revamping schools’ library. The schools Librarian heard good things about our Club and turned to us for help. They asking to create a model of roller coaster that fits the theme of Carnival. They worked themselves on creating all décor but stumbled upon the last item that was the roller coaster. Making a long story short we decided that we should be able to make that happen.

Bob Behrens as always busy making cabinets for our new area. Big thanks to Bob J. We do welcome anyone that has the time and will to help us out assembling cabinets and work on projects we have on table.