Ed Eich, Manager              Karin Williams, Asst. Mgr.


We are continuing an active offering of five classes, each of which highlights a different skill set. The classes have been active on Friday mornings since reopening.


During the past year we have acquired through purchase and donation the majority of the equipment and glass supplies needed to begin offering additional learning opportunities in THE STUDIO room at Brownwood. Karin Williams will lead the Brownwood program. Ed Eich and Gary Wright will continue at Rolling Acres and provide assistance and coverage at Brownwood. Ed Eich will continue as overall leader of the program at both locations.


Gary Wright heads north in May. Our new enrollment during the summer months will be based on contacting the instructor to confirm class participation.


Karin and I expect that much of our summertime will be dedicated to getting the Brownwood operation set up in THE STUDIO.


Areas for consideration.

1. It was previous practice that the instructor would receive an email notice of enrollments. I don’t know if this valuable practice still exists but if it does it is not functioning at least in my case. I believe it is a useful tool if practical.


2. The plans for the Brownwood Shop seem amazing. We look forward being able to move in. In looking at the plans Karin brought to my attention the lack of a sink in THE STUDIO. We are investigating water safety and the use of a portable wash station to satisfy our need when we wash our glass and clean our equipment that is necessary at each use. Our initial research reveals several models that appear to be watertight for filling and emptying.


The washstand would be taken to the break room and serviced at the water facility and sink there as needed. (Similar to the practice at Rolling Acres) Stained glass would maintain this piece of stained-glass equipment. We will provide more information as it is gathered.