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CHARACTERISTICS...Color: the hardwood can vary in color from light tan or pale-yellow brown to dark or pale brown and can have a pinkish tint. The wood usually has a straight open grain and is medium to course in texture. It has longer rays than red oak, and therefore displays more figure, which can include swirls, crotch pattern, burrs (burls) and tiger-ray flake pattern. The sapwood is whitish to light brown and varies in width.


PROPERTIES... White oak is a hard and heavy wood. It has medium crushing and bending strength, and low stiffness. The wood has excellent steam-bending properties, is almost waterproof, and has exceptional resistance to wear. It has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges, but generally works well, though this depends on the precise species used. The wood planes, turns, bores, sands, mortises, stains and polishes well. Pre-boring is advised for nailing and screwing, and it glues satisfactorily. The tannin content can react with ferrous metals to cause iron staining.


DURABILITY... The hardwood is resistant to decay, but the wood can be attacked by ambrosia beetles and other insects. The hardwood is resistant to preservative treatment and the sapwood moderately so.


COMMON USES... furniture and cabinet making, joinery, office furniture, boat building, trim, paneling, flooring, cooperage for wine and whiskey, coffins, shingles, sleepers (railroad ties) also sliced for figured veneers and rotary-cut for plywood.


AVAILABILITY... we have 70 board feet in stock. The cost is about $3.50 a board foot and comes in variable widths from 6 to 14 inches and 4/4 S3S.