Dave Adamovich                           Brad Primeau


The department is busy as many of you can tell when you walk into the Assembly area. Cabinets, shop fixtures, finishing and assembly tables are being cut and partially assembled by a volunteer team.


Some have complained that too much space is being used and assembly tables should be open for member use. Using the assembly room space now shortens the time it would take to complete the Brownwood facility. Starting to build the things that are needed after the shop opens would only delay the time the building opens for members use.


Your patience is appreciated by the following VWS members who are working hard to bring the new shop online sooner rather than later:


Tony Bendoraitis     Bill Fitzgerald      Will Muhlman     Scott Herlick     

Marty Dee               Kay Watkins          Jim Bossman      Matt Nypaver    

Rick Fiersten           Peggy White         Pat Toomey


In a recent email VWS members were asked if anyone had unused space that could be used for storing the items the teams are building until the Brownwood shop is open. The following people have offered space and management thanks you:


Stephan Yovan       Jeff Caldwell      Jeff Bavrdo      Jack Tagye

Cindy Bloecher       


The Grizzly planner is temporarily out of order until the 15hp drive motor is repaired. The motor failed on Saturday. Thanks to Tom Melovitz, our volunteer electrician, for evaluating the problem and Glenn Croteau for taking the motor to the repair shop. 


Until the repairs can be made or in the event a new motor must be purchased, the small Grizzly planer has been brought in for member use.