Shop Space

As our membership continues to grow it became more pertinent to assess the space usage within the Workshop.  Approximately eight weeks ago, a committee consisting of Murry Bishop, John Herega, Dave Adamovich, Anne Bell and Ray Roberts was formed to evaluate that topic.  It was their charge to identify owners of the entire footprint of the Shop and to suggest rules of usage and procedures which would help us to make the most of the space we have.

The committee presented their findings to the Board of Directors who approved and endorsed their suggestions.  The findings were discussed at the July Membership meeting and a synopsis has been playing on the flat screen TV in the lunch room.  This communication will advise all membership of the results and enlist the support of all:

“Making the Best Use of the Space We Have”

The following is a list of the “owners” of the space:

Office Manager – Anne Bell

      Front Office & Surrounding Area

      Kitchen/Coffee Area

Shop Superintendent – Dave Adamovich

      Front Office Closet (initially)

      Assembly Room

      General Shop Area Not Assigned to an Individual

      Finishing Room (including personal sales area)

      Electrical Connection & Storage Room

      Rear Maintenance Area & All Other Storage Areas Not Assigned to an Individual

Vice President/Turners Manager – John Herega

      Front Office Closet (after Dave transitions out)

      Lathe Wall & Sharpening/Turner Storage Area

Carvers Manager – Bill McGinnis

      Carvers Area

President – Mike Borfitz

      Lunch Room (Common Areas in Carvers Room)

      Back Office


Special Projects Manager – John Justice

      Special Projects Room

Toy Manager – Dan Pallo

      Toy Area

Lumber Manager – Murry Bishop


Tool Crib Manager – Harm Borfitz

      Tool Crib

There will be instances where one manager will have to work with the primary owner to negotiate space.  The managers will work together to meet the needs as best they can for the good of the whole Club.

New Rules

  1. Personal items must be stored in personal cubicles or at HOME.
  2. No item should be ordered unless space for it has been identified.
  3. General members should not utilize equipment dedicated to Toy-Making or Special Projects unless arrangements have been made to do so.
  4. Conversely, the toy-makers and the special projects personnel should not use equipment in the general shop area if that equipment exists in their own areas.
  5. Material purchased for Education must be used within a determined timeframe.
  6. Items to be given away should be placed in the corner under the new flat screen in the Lunch Room.  A pink sticky “FREE” sign should be procured from the front desk.  If the item is not taken within a week, it should be removed.  Otherwise it will be disposed of.
  7. A “PROJECT FORM” available in the Tool Crib should be filled out and attached to large projects requiring space on the assembly tables.

An Executive Operations Committee (EOC) made up of the primary space managers will meet 30 minutes before each Membership meeting. Its purpose is “To serve as a forum to communicate matters pertinent to the administration and usage of the Shop and to identify opportunities to work together within the management team.”

Thank you all for your cooperation! .