Administration and Maintenance



Dave Adamovich                           Brad Primeau


Maintenance Blue Badge Instruction Program.The Blue Badge program continues and those who expressed interest are either assigned in the morning or afternoon. In some cases they work with one of the fulltime maintenance people. Participants are also encouraged to join any morning or afternoon period to gain additional experience.


Sunday Filter Cleaning. John Scott has been training maintenance volunteers to clean the outside dust control system filters. It’s normally done on Sunday when the shop is closed so the system can be shut down for several hours.

Dust and sawdust are blown out of each filter and as you can imagine it’s a dirty and dusty process. At some point the filter cleaning will be added to the maintenance schedule that Richard Masterson issues at the end of each month.


Brownwood Woodshop Outfitting. As reported last month, Bob Behrens assisted by Bill Love and Paul Porter continue to build cabinetry for tools, mounting equipment, storing member merchandise, stained glass, CNC computer equipment and housing lumber in the new and old shop.

We have the talent, tools, and access to supplies at VWC and because Bob has taken numerous onsite measurements at Brownwood we can get ahead of the game by prebuilding those things we know will be needed. The contractor continues to make significant progress.

As mentioned in the last Department Maintenance Report Dave Adamovich led an effort for marking out machine locations, as well as locations where dust collection and power were needed. Several of the machine hookups have already been built and installed.


Donations for the Brownwood Shop. If you would like to donate a tool chest similar to the red one we have next to the wall near the small clamp bin contact Bob Behrens. It will be used for the same purpose at the new facility.

It can be new or like-new. If you have one you will no longer be using, we would sure appreciate the donation.

There is also a need for church pews. They will be used like the one we have in the front office. It was also donated and we modified it to provide underneath storage for front office files.


Shop Modifications. Parts have been ordered to build another reel hose vacuum station like the one that is next to the horizontal oscillating belt sander by the shop exit door.

Steve Eikenberry suggested the idea to centrally locate one in the middle of the shop to minimize having to find and use one of the roll-around vacuums. It should be installed and functioning in the next couple of weeks.